Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Survey Says 41% Don't Trust Our Politicians At All

And only 3.1% of the 32 participants in our survey said they trusted them a lot. 56.3% trusted our political class on a little bit.


akagugo said...

I will direct the 3.1% of those who trust politicians a lot to remember that Navin threatened electors in one on his meetings: "Pas pou ena miniss kot pa gagne 3-0".
I bet any amount you wish that this is the first promise that Alliance de l'Avenir will forfeit! Else, how can Navin ditch Rashid and Xavier?
People reacting to DefiMedia.info have already highlighted this: http://www.defimedia.info/blogs/753/Pourquoi-ils-ont-gagne.html.

Sanjay Jagatsingh said...

@akagugo: that's a good one. Another ridiculous statement from Navin. Ki ti pu arriver si Faugoo pa ti pu eli, li ti pu laisse Bacchoo vine PM?

akagugo said...

Eski ti gagne 3-0 kot Lormus? Oui
Surendra? Oui
Cader? Oui
Sutyadeo? Oui
Jim? Oui
Abé Mireille? Taaai...