Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Trade Deficit Highlights Sithanen's Failure

We've been paying for imports we really don't need by selling our land. That's as unsustainable as the combination of flat-tax with worst growth rates in decades. Besides growth rate isn't a comprehensive enough performance metric. That's why we need a sea change in our economic policies. And we need it fast.


akagugo said...

And what did Rama say about the trade deficit?

Kozémotandé said...

Prime land for residential purposes will soon become an unaccessible luxury for Mauritians if it is not already the case. Foreigners are queuing to become owners of our land. Maurice Ile Durable is fast becoming Maurice Ile Locataire. Et C'est un Plaisir en plus!

Anonymous said...

sithanen is dead and burried, give him a break. im worried what the new cretin(he mentioned this himself on tv yesterday) will do after he becomes FM.

Cretin after flat tax, ouf....

Anonymous said...

Sithanen has just stated that all the economic measures he took, whether popular or unpopular, were taken with the approval and blessing of Ramgoolam. Besides, the latter is taking credit for the economic recovery of the island. So why does he not own up and take responsibility for all the measures taken by his governement? He can't say he was misled by Sithanen. In fact, he had a British economic adviser in his office all the time to advise him on economic issues.

Sanjay Jagatsingh said...

@Anonymous: I think Ramgoolam can say he was misled because even professional economists and MPs have been fooled by the mesmerizing Sithanen. Of course that tells you the size of PM he is. No Andrew Scott is almost never there. At least that's what I've heard.

akagugo said...

OK, ok, merci bien. Mais enfin, "Ramgoolam can say he was misled" o_0
"Misled" during 9 years of bean-counter's presence in the Cabinet...? Nine years, almost a decade! Difficile de me faire avaler ça... Maybe if you try "supply-side"ways :-)
But seriously, it's as if saying that I can get nominated by Navin if I just bark out technical jargon in his presence. What about all these civil servants in these offices, don't they have brains to think critically about the viability of what Rama was devising for them to put in action?

Sanjay Jagatsingh said...

@akagugo: Ramgoolam ine tom dan pano inpe kuma la mazorite nu ban konsitoyen. Lor ki to ti kav konte pu tire Sithanen depi lor so pedestal:

1. Andrew Scott
2. Raj Meetarbhan
3. Gilbert Ahnee
4. MBC
5. Raj Makoond
6. de Navacelle
7. JEC/MEXA...
8. La mazorite nu ban zurnalis
9. Nawaz Noorbux
10. Finalay Salesse
11. Nu ban professionel/intelektuel roder boute

ou bien responsab nimero 1: Navinchandra Ramgoolam?????

kamron said...

Non mo panse kapav kont lor Pierre Dinan ek so avatar Eric Ng. Megalol!

Sanjay Jagatsingh said...

@kamron: Mo rappel Eric ti vine lor TV enen fwa apre bidze li ti dir ki Sithanen ine fer mazik. Si kan Copperfield tansa li pa tata dan so kanson mo diman mwa kan li pu tata?