Wednesday, February 3, 2010

State Attempt to Clamp Down Free Speech Backfires

And angst-ridden Sithanen releases grants of consumer advocacy group ACIM in a hurry. You will recall that these were withheld for a year when the latter protested against the abusive petroleum prices that the good people of Mauritius were being fleeced with. The official explanation is that the STC lost Rs3 billion on hedging operations and that the organisation has to recoup the shortfall by making us pay for it.

The snag is that with the automatic pricing mechanism the STC didn't have to do any hedging as pump prices should inextricably reflect international prices. Rs3 billion is a lot of money. Government could have used this sum to make the SC/HSC exams free for several decades. And Sithanen still hasn't told us how all this happened.

Aren't you happy you're gonna vote soon?

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